Worship Materials for Sunday 26th April 2020

Opening Song – In Christ Alone or There’s Nothing Our God Can’t Do
or Every Move I Make (Kid’s Worship)

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Psalm 116

The Gospel Reading – Kids Version

The Gospel Reading – Luke 24:13-35

St Jude’s Communion Service
with Message – “Giving over the Controls”

A communion services for the Third Sunday of Easter including worship music from our team, communion liturgy and the message “Giving over the Controls” from Ps Andrew.

Final Song – Praise My Soul the King of Heaven or O Praise the Name

Kids Activity Idea


Give each child an opportunity to DO SOMETHING while the other children observe them and try to detect what they are doing. (Suggest to the children that they do SMALL motions such as wink an eye, move one finger, move a toe, wiggle an ear, wag their tongue.) When a child feels he can guess, he says, “I SEE, I SEE”! If children can not guess what the other child is doing after several tries, then the children will “need help in seeing”, just as was taught in our lesson today.