Worship Materials for Sunday 21st June 2020

Below are links to a range of resources that you can use for your worship this week along with your service booklets. The recordings of the liturgy are provided in separate videos, with another video for the message from Ps Andrew.

If you would prefer to watch the recorded service as a whole, it is also available here: Online Service for Sunday 21st June 2020

Opening Song – “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” or “Love so Great” or “Joyful, Joyful”

Greeting, Prayer of Preparation and Confession


Readings for 21st June 2020
(Third Sunday after Pentecost)

First Reading: Genesis 21:8-21

Psalm 86

Second Reading: Romans 6:1-11

Gospel Reading: Matthew 10:24-39 [start video at 3:53 for today’s reading]

Communion (Reserved Sacrament)

Message and Song – “Personality”

Blessing and Dismissal

Final Song – “Great is Thy Faithfulness” or “Come Alive”

For lyrics select the “CC” button in the bottom right menu.

Kids Activity Ideas

ALL the children can fly around a designated area with arms out until the teacher says… FREEZE? They will stop in exactly the position they were “flying” in until the teacher says to FLY. (This is a good way to get alot of extra energy out of the children before story time!)

Divide children into groups of 2. Give children 60 seconds to COUNT the hairs of their partner’s head. 
Children will begin to realize just HOW AMAZING it is that GOD knows the hairs on everyone’s heads!!

Let children take turns making actions for ways that GOD loves and cares for us from today’s readings. When someone guesses what the action was, then that child can take a turn in showing the class an action.

Each child can be given a small bowl of jelly beans. As the teacher gives a word to spell, the children will try to form that short word with their jelly beans, such as GOD, LOVE, CARE, CROSS, etc. If children are younger, the teacher could have them form a cross or a bird, etc. Children may eat their beans if their hands were clean before doing the writing contest.